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Practical Considerations

Where do we meet? I can meet clients either:

  • Over the phone (I call you) and with TeamViewer software for money coaching sessions
  • At my office at 44A Amy St, Ellerslie, Auckland 1051
  • If you live in Auckland, I can come to you, but there will be an extra charge for travel time.

If we are meeting over the phone you will need to be in a quiet environment, free of distractions, where you feel comfortable talking openly. For money coaching sessions, you will need also to be in front of your computer with good internet access.

What do I need to have for the first meeting?

Nothing. Just you. Turning up is all that’s required.

How long will I be coming to see you?

For as long (or as short) as you want to. It is hard to be precise here, because every client has different needs and the process is flexible enough to accommodate these.


But I love shopping so much – I don’t WANT to stop!

Good news! I’m not going to ban you from shopping. It’s even possible you’ll end up doing more shopping. But it won’t be shopping that turns into a compulsive, out-of-control splurge that ends with a financial kick in the teeth. It’ll be shopping that meets your actual needs. Shopping that feels good. Shopping that comes without the sickening knowledge that you’re hurting yourself financially (again).

How can I afford to see you if I’m already going into debt every month?

I can only point to the experience of my money coaching clients – when they follow the process, they end up with more money in the bank than they’ve had before AND they’re paying for money coaching.

"Really enjoyed this speaker. Gave me some good ideas/thoughts to take away."

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