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Wouldn't it be great if debt, bills and other money worries weren't creating stress in your life? You could stop feeling so pressured, and focus on the things you love.

Sarah McMurray

A life that feels abundant and secure, where money is simply something you can use to make your life, and the lives of those you love, better. A life where you have that magic amount of money – “enough”.

You may have already tried to solve your money problems with “traditional” money advice, succeeded for a while, and then found your problems came back again. That’s because, despite the fact that you can use a calculator or spreadsheet to tell you some important things about your money, that will never be enough on its own.

It’s your thoughts, beliefs and emotions that drive your behaviour with money. The spreadsheet just records the results of that behaviour. But if you don’t examine your thoughts, beliefs and emotions around money, and get rid of the ones that don’t serve you, the same old money problems will pop up again and again, despite all your attempts to put them right.

I can help you find a lasting solution to your money problems. We pay attention to both the numbers and what’s driving your behaviour with money, to get you to the place where the numbers are what you want them to be, and you’re feeling calm, centred, and energised about the possibilities that your money offers you.

Call me on 021 424 923 or click on the Accuity Scheduling Link below to set up your free 30 minute phone call to discuss if working with me is right for you.  

Dealing with Money Stress

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Whether your money problem is:

  • Spending too much
  • Repaying debt – and then getting right back into it
  • Never feeling like you’re getting ahead, despite earning good money
  • Making your small business profitable
  • Constantly under-earning
  • Facing decisions about how to handle an inheritance
  • Combining or disentangling finances with a spouse
  • Figuring out how to deal with having more (or less) money than you’re used to
  • Always worrying that the money will run out


You’ve come to the right place. Click on the links above for more information, or contact me to arrange your free 30 minute phone call to find out if Relating to Money is right for you.

Relating to Money aims to help you figure out the underlying emotions and beliefs behind any behaviours that are detrimental to your financial health and replace them with life enhancing alternatives. This isn't about about making you live the kind of lifestyle where buying coffee at a cafe is a punishable offence! Rather, Relating to Money will endeavour to help you identify and overcome any issues you may have when dealing with your finances.

As you can receive our services either in the office or over the phone, Relating to Money is on hand to assist you with your financial plans no matter where you are in the World. Contact Relating to Money.

"Time spent with Sarah is very likely one of the most important things you could do in terms of relating to money and solving money issues. Sarah is very measured and organised but totally approachable, a lot of fun and provides great clarity regarding what is driving your money habits both good and bad."

Louise Wind
Sarah changed the way I thought about money. When I first met her I was in debt and could see no way out, despite being so strict on myself. I couldn't imagine that just a year later - and with no income change - I would have savings and be hunting for my first home. I've gone from being a victim of my circumstances to being genuinely empowered financially. I'm over penny-pinching budget tactics. Sarah's approach deals with the greater strategy, holistically. There's no judgement over avocado toast.
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