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The Joy of Retail Therapy (Yes, Really)

by Sarah McMurray Living the life you love

There's no point in denying it. A huge number of people love retail therapy. It combines cardio, entertainment and the thrill of the hunt. It often requires the use of creativity or insight. Spending money and damning the consequences can bring a feeling that's almost like freedom. And you get NEW stuff! Which other people then exclaim over! What's not to like? It's FUN!

Well, sometimes it is.

Sometimes retail therapy doesn't feel so therapeutic. It can feel compulsive, out-of-control, a sort of "I've had too much sugar" feeling. There's a feeling that the spending MUST continue, even though there's also the (sometimes very quiet) thought that "This isn't a great idea." And when the adding up is finally done, the total is always higher than anyone ever thinks it will be.

But even so, people LOVE shopping. One of the top reasons why they put off sorting out their money is that they are scared that it would mean that their days of retail therapy will be over.

Those people who use the Financial Recovery process to sort out their money tend to find that rather than losing retail therapy from their lives entirely, they just lose the bad stuff. They no longer have:

  • That speedy "I've had too much sugar" feeling while shopping. Instead they shop feeling grounded and secure.
  • The anxiety over how they're going to pay. They know they can afford it.
  • Those purchases which seemed so amazing in the shop, but which somehow lost their magic at home. Instead of bags of clothes with the tags still on, they have a wardrobe of clothes they can actually wear.
  • That feeling that's almost like freedom. Instead, they have the feeling of actual freedom
  • The stress and self-loathing that a huge credit card bill can bring

They still love to go shopping. And they experience real joy when they do.

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