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What if you could have MORE of the things you love?

by Sarah McMurray Living the life you love Steps for Better Finances

Be honest now.  Are you like most people?  When you hear that I'm a money coach, do you assume that I could help you get used to having less of the things you love?

I get this sort of comment all the time:

"I should SO make an appointment! I'm addicted to eating out / retail therapy / treating my children / travel / insert favourite thing to spend money on here. I really need to harden up and learn to live without that.”

But helping you to get used to feeling deprived is not what I do.  As a money coach, I can help you work yourself into a position where you can have more of the things you really love, not less.

The key is tracking your money.  (I can usually see people inwardly groan at this point).  But tracking works, for two main reasons:

  • Firstly, when we can see where your money actually goes, rather than where you think it goes, I can almost guarantee that that you’ll find that you are spending on things that don’t really add to your happiness. Things you have just fallen into the habit of buying, but wouldn’t miss if they weren’t in your life. When you are spending less money on inconsequential purchases, there is more to spend on the things that do make you happy.
  • The second thing that tracking and working with a money coach allows you to do is to discover why you do what you do with your money.  We are emotional beings, we all do emotional and not entirely rational things with our money (or is that just me?)  Much of my work as a money coach is helping you to identify and meet your deepest needs and wants, getting you more of what you really love. Working with  a money coach can mean you end up with more money to spend on what (or who) you love. Who wouldn’t want that?

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