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Sane Christmas – Tell me what you want

Sane Christmas – Tell me what you want

For some of you, this post is too late; you started planning your Christmas earlier in the year.

For others, this post is far too early, there is no way you want to even think about Christmas yet.

But I’m hoping that for many of you, it will be just right.  Especially if you often say that you are “over” Christmas, because your usual Christmas is all about “over” – you end up over-committing, over-eating, and over-spending.

If this is you, and you can't imagine getting started on Christmas tasks yet, don't panic.  I’m not suggesting that you put up the tree at this point, or have Christmas cards all written out and ready to go, or devote an evening to creating the perfect Christmas cake.

I’m just suggesting that you answer this question: what it is that you want from your Christmas this year?

Your answer can cover a wide range - feelings, food, events, people, gifts, traditions.  What were the best things from years’ past?  What are the things that make it Christmas for you?  In short, what would feel like “enough” without being overwhelming?

Check in with immediate family members.  What are their answers?

If you’re a writing kind of person, write down what it is that you want.  If you’re visual, imagine it in vivid detail.  The point is just to begin with the end in mind, so that when the inevitable invitations, advertisements and deeply-felt obligations start to pull you in different directions, you can see if they match what you want.

That’s enough Christmas for now, it’s still just November.

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